• Missed A Toll?

In order to avoid a toll violation notice with a $25 administrative fee, you need to pay your toll before we mail you a toll invoice. Please fill out and mail the Missed A Toll form within 5 days of your violation.



  • What if I back out of the Toll Collection Lane?

Your E-ZPass transponder is identified upon entering the lane approximately 60 feet prior to the toll booth. Once your E-ZPass has been identified you have committed to completing the transaction in that lane. If the car in front of you is delayed in the lane and you decide to back out of the lane, your transponder will not work in the next lane because it was already identified and assigned to the original lane. Thus, you will be stuck in the new lane, causing another bottleneck and very likely causing another vehicle to back-up.



  • What if I fail to mount the E-ZPass properly to vehicle windshield?

The E-ZPass transponder is designed to be mounted on the windshield of your vehicle to ensure that the device is at the proper angle and positioned to communicate with the E-ZPass antenna. Holding the device in your hand impedes the radio signal as well as changes the required angle and position and more than likely will cause the E-ZPass to fail.



  • What if I left my change at the toll booth?

If you left your change at the toll plaza, contact us at 703.707.8870, as soon as possible. Please have any pertinent information at hand, such as the date & time of the incident, the direction in which you were traveling, and a description of the toll officer.




  • Where can I pick up Velcro strips for my E-ZPass?

Each E-ZPass transponder should be mounted on your windshield. Properly mounted E-ZPasses reduce the chances that your transponder will not be read accurately. If you need Velcro strips, please contact the E-ZPass Customer Service Center at 1-877-762-7824, or click here to request one via e-mail.



  • Why doesn't the Dulles Greenway offer variable toll pricing based on usage?

The Dulles Greenway’s current layout cannot accommodate distance-based pricing. The Greenway was designed to maximize the efficiency of the toll collection process…thus expediting traffic flow. This design–much like that of the Dulles Toll Road–does not offer a discount for partial usage.



  • Why doesn't your remote toll booths accept coins?

The Greenway elected not to use coin-operated toll machines for several reasons. First, processing time for coin transactions can actually be longer than the time needed for credit card transactions. Also, coin machines require much higher maintenance, due to vandalism, foreign objects, and coin jams. However, most importantly, coin machines pose a security risk to Greenway employees who transfer funds between locations. We feel that credit card and Smart-Tag/E-ZPass transactions are the safest, most expedient methods for unmanned toll collection.




  • What if I have two E-ZPass Transponders in my vehicle?

Although your old transponder is no longer assigned to your account it will be identified in the toll lane as long as it remains in your vehicle. The old transponder that is now in the glove compartment, middle console, under the seat or in the trunk is being identified by the toll collection system as an invalid E-ZPass. This additional transponder in your vehicle will not only cause problems with the toll collection system but can also lead to your vehicle being identified as a toll violator. To ensure that your E-ZPass works as designed and the toll lanes remain free flowing please remove all other E-ZPass transponders from your vehicle.



  • What times can I use cash on the Greenway?

In order to keep costs at a minimum, cash collection hours have been reduced on the Dulles Greenway. At the mainline toll plaza, the cash collection hours are as follows:



EASTBOUND 6:00 AM 3:30 PM 12:30PM 3:30 PM
WESTBOUND 1:30 PM 7:00 PM 1:30 PM 7:00 PM



EASTBOUND 6:00 AM 7:30 PM 9:00 AM 7:30 PM
WESTBOUND 8:30 AM 9:30 PM 8:30 AM 9:30 PM


Motorists are not able to pay cash at the ramps for their toll. The Dulles Greenway does accept all credit card types as well as Smart-Tag/E-ZPass.