VIP Program


VIP Program Overview

The Dulles Greenway is already saving you time on your daily commute.  With the VIP Miles Frequent Rider Program, you can also save money. As a VIP Miles Member, you can earn cash back at no additional cost. Sign-up today and be a part of an amazing reward program.


Steps for Signing Up:

  1. First log in to your E-ZPass account to establish a session
  2. Copy the URL and paste into the web browser -
  3. The Dulles Greenway Discount Program page should come up
  4. Enter your transponder number and check to the terms and conditions
  5. Join the program
  6. If you DO NOT have a E-ZPass transponder, copy the URL below and paste into the web browser to open a Virginia E-ZPass account and sign up for VIP Miles




As a VIP Miles member, you may earn cash-back bonus checks, depending on how frequently you travel the Dulles Greenway in a 12-month period. So the more trips you make, the more money you will get back. To qualify for a bonus check, simply travel on the Greenway 180 times over the course of 12-months (This averages out to 15 trips per month).


The VIP Miles Frequent Rider Program is our way of thanking you for riding the Dulles Greenway.



Cash Back Savings for FY2018 






Questions About the Program

  • How do I join?

  • By registering online, you will receive 15 Bonus Trips to start your account. a Virginia E-ZPass is required for VIP Miles Membership, so if you already have a Virginia E-ZPass, give us your Virginia E-ZPass transponder number (not your account number) and we’ll activate your VIP Miles Membership from the beginning of this month. Your transponder number is located on the tag itself-just below your Virginia E-ZPass sticker, above the bar code.Your membership is retroactive to the first day of the month in which you enroll in the program. Once enrolled, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will provide your VIP account number along with the transponder number that you entered when enrolling into the program.

  • Will my VIP Miles cost me anything?

  • NO, in fact, being a VIP Miles Member and driving the Dulles Greenway daily could save you money. And we’ll renew your membership each year, automatically. Your only responsibility is to keep us updated with any changes to your address or transponder(s). The Dulles Greenway is not responsible for lost trips due to incorrect Virginia E-ZPass transponder numbers. It is up to you to keep us informed.  It is easy to do so, simply email us at

  • How does the program work?

  • To qualify for a bonus check, simply travel on the Greenway  an average of 15 times per month during a 12 month period.  If you travel on the Greenway Monday through Friday, in each direction, then you would accrue 10 trips in just one week.  You only need to make 180 trips in a 12-month period on the Greenway to qualify for a 5% bonus check.  See the cash back schedule for details. Members will receive the check at their designated address within 60 days after the end of their 12-month cycle. Your 12-month cycle starts the month you enroll your transponder in the program.  Your trips will reset to zero after every twelve months, regardless of whether you earn a check.


  • Details?

  • VIP Miles Membership benefits apply only to travel on the Dulles Greenway. Cash back bonuses are determined by usage of your Virginia E-ZPass on the Dulles Greenway. Accrued trips cannot be transferred, but if you use more than one vehicle for traveling the Greenway, you may move your Virginia E-ZPass between vehicles. If you have multiple transponders, a VIP Miles account will be set up for each one. Trips will not be combined if you have more than one transponder.


    You will be able to keep track of your trip accruements on a monthly basis, via the Web site. Your online account will be updated once a month. Trips accrued during the month of July, for example, would appear in your account by the second week of August.

  • Cash Back Redemption:

  • The cash back bonus checks will be issued automatically by the Dulles Greenway at the end of your twelve-month cycle. You will receive the cash back bonus check at your designated address within 60 days after the end of your 12-month cycle.