• Can I join if I have an E-ZPass from Maryland?

No, only those patrons who are using an E-ZPass issued by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) are eligible to be Dulles Greenway VIP Miles members.  VDOT will confirm that the transponder you registered belongs to you.



  • How many trips will register when I travel from my house in Leesburg to my job at the Pentagon? I use the Dulles Greenway and the Dulles Toll Road, so I figure two trips each way, or 4 trips per day.

You would only accrue one trip each way.  Only travel on the Dulles Greenway is eligible towards the trips needed for a cash back bonus check.



  • I checked my trips today and did not see this morning's commute posted, how often are trips posted?

The Dulles Greenway is not the Virginia E-ZPass Customer Service Center, and trips on the Greenway are downloaded once a month for the Dulles Greenway VIP Miles Cash Back Bonus Program.  If you want to see how many trips you have made on the Greenway, go to the Dulles Greenway website at and create a username and password.  You will need your VIP Account number and the transponder number associated with that account.


If you want to see all of your travel, create an account at the Virginia E-ZPass Customer Service Center, at  You will need your E-ZPass Account number and the Personal Identification Number (PIN) you created when you opened the account.



  • It's December, and I haven't received my VIP Cash Back Bonus check? What do I need to do?

Remember, checks are issued in anniversary months, not calendar years.  If you registered your transponder in March of 2008, then your check will be issued in March of 2009.  You have 12 months to accrue enough trips to qualify for a cash back bonus check.



  • I got a check on one account, but my second account shows expired miles? What did I do wrong?

You did not travel the Greenway often enough to qualify for a cash back bonus check.  You need to make an average of 15 trips per month to qualify for a cash back bonus check (or 180 trips in 12 months).  If after 12 months, you have not reached that goal, then your miles ‘expire’ and your account will be reset to zero



  • Can I combine my multiple VIP Miles accounts into one account?

No. The cash-back bonus markers (starting at 180 trips) are based on individual Smart-Tag/E-ZPass usage. Multiple Smart-Tags/E-ZPasses on one VIP Miles account would increase the established cash-back markers.