Facts & Myths




  • the Dulles Greenway is exempt from taxes.
  • the owner of the Dulles Greenway, Toll Road Investors Partnership II, (TRIP II) pays real estate taxes on the property on which the road is built. In 2013, TRIP II paid $3.28 million in real estate taxes alone.
  • the Commonwealth of Virginia condemned the land that was used to build the Dulles Greenway.
  • TRIP II purchased all the land that the Greenway is situated on from the original owners at market price.
  • the Commonwealth of Virginia issued tax free bonds to help finance the Dulles Greenway.
  • the Dulles Greenway was built using conventional financing at market rates.
  • the owner of the Dulles Greenway owns and operates the Smart-Tag/EZ-Pass Customer Service Center.
  • the Smart-Tag/EZ-Pass Customer Service Center is owned and operated by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and TRIP II pays a fee for every Smart-Tag/EZ-Pass transaction that takes place on the Greenway.
  • the Dulles Greenway and the Dulles Toll Road are the same and are operated by the same group.
  • the Dulles Toll Road (DTR) was built by VDOT on land leased from the Metropolitan Airport Authority (MWAA) and opened for traffic in 1984. The DTR is currently operated by MWAA. The Dulles Greenway was built privately as an extension of the original toll road with private funds and is owned by TRIP II.
  • the Virginia State Police (VSP) patrolling the Dulles Greenway ticket motorists in order to add money to TRIP II’s coffers.
  • all the revenue generated from tickets issued by the VSP on the Dulles Greenway is treated the same as revenue generated from tickets issued by the VSP on any public highway. In addition, the VSP assigned to the Dulles Greenway are completely funded by Dulles Greenway. The Commonwealth of Virginia is not responsible for any of the cost of the VSP assigned to the Greenway.
  • I am automatically signed up as a VIP member when I use a transponder on the Dulles Greenway.
  • In order to be eligible for the Dulles Greenway VIP Cash Back Bonus check, you need to register your VDOT issued transponder with the Dulles Greenway.
  • the Dulles Greenway can charge whatever toll amount necessary.
  • the owner of the Dulles Greenway, TRIP II, must comply with the order of the Virginia State Corporation Commission.
  • the Dulles Greenway is a Public Private Partnership built under the Virginia Public Private Transportation Act of 1995.
  • the Dulles Greenway is one of the first highways of its kind in the United States, and is the first private road in Virginia since 1816. It was built under the Virginia Highway Act of 1988.