May 1, 2019

Leesburg, VA; Loudoun Hunger Relief is so excited to be included in the Dulles Greenway’s 14th annual Drive for Charity event this year! The Drive for Charity is on Thursday, May 16, 2019. On this day, 100% of tolls collected will be donated to seven local charities and the Dulles Greenway Scholarship Program. The Dulles Greenway is proud to have contributed over $3.3 million in the past thirteen years!  Loudoun Hunger Relief plans to use the Drive for Charity donation to help pay for the operations of a new Mobile Pantry due to roll out in the fall of 2019.

LHR Executive Director, Jennifer Montgomery, said “The Dulles Greenway’s Drive for Charity is a wonderful benefit to non-profits in our community. We are so pleased to be included this year, especially since we’re rolling out our Mobile Pantry in the fall. We plan to use the Drive for Charity funds to fuel the operations of the Mobile Pantry. So when people drive the Dulles Greenway on May 16, they are also driving hunger out of our community.”

Loudoun Hunger Relief’s Mobile Pantry will take groceries and pantry services into neighborhoods where people are in need, but lack transportation to get to LHR’s Leesburg location.

Other non-profits included in the Drive for Charity this year are: Loudoun Hunger Relief, Loudoun Free Clinic, Loudoun Wildlife, Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter, ECHO, Fresh Air/Full Care and the March of Dimes.

Terry Hoffman, public and customer relations manager for the Dulles Greenway, said “Every day, we help people on their way as they travel through our region. We also take our obligation to help people in need in our community seriously. The Drive for Charity is a way for us to provide both funding and awareness for our non-profit partners. We’re excited to welcome Loudoun Hunger Relief to the group this year, and pleased that the funding will assist with the Mobile Pantry launch this fall.”

Loudoun Hunger Relief served 8,000 of our Loudoun neighbors in 2018. 40% of these are children. 13% are seniors. With the help of partners like the Dulles Greenway, we are improving lives and providing hope for the future every day. Every dollar counts in the fight against hunger.

About Toll Road Investors Partnership II, L.P.

The Dulles Greenway is a privately owned 14-mile toll road that connects Washington Dulles International Airport with Leesburg, Virginia. A trip from Leesburg to the Dulles Airport or to the Dulles Toll Road can be made in less than 15 minutes. 

About Loudoun Hunger Relief, Inc.
Loudoun Hunger Relief, Loudoun’s leader in food assistance, has been serving the Loudoun community since 1991. Last year, LHR served 8,000 Loudoun residents through 73,000 visits. 40% of those served are children and another 13% are senior citizens. LHR truly helps low-income, working families in Loudoun, with 68% of those served employed and another 15% actively seeking employment. Residents in need can visit twice per month and receive enough food to create three meals for three days for each household member. LHR distributed 1.4 million pounds of food last year. For more information, please visit  or call 703-777-5911.