Less congestion means everyone benefits.
Enjoy a non-stop alternative to Routes 7 and 28.

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Drive for Charity collects over $326,800 for #Loudoun #charities. Thank you for traveling the Greenway! #vatraffic https://t.co/Uv3DlnO2xm
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As of 9pm, we are 3,476 cars away with 3 more hours to go. We can do this Loudoun!
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RT @LoudounHunger: It’s a beautiful day! Don’t you want to get home quickly? Drive the Greenway and help drive out hunger! @GreenwayRt267 h…
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As 5pm, we are 17,880 cars away from reaching our goal. It's a beautiful day! Why sit in traffic? Drive the Greenway and help 7 Loudoun Charities. #VaTraffic
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RT @MODMDNCA: Today is the @GreenwayRt267 Drive for Charity! All tolls will be donated to charity, and we are honored to be a recipient! Th…
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As of 3pm, over 36,000 cars have traveled the Dulles Greenway for #DriveforCharity. Our goal is 65,000 cars... Let's go #VaTraffic
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RT @LFCsaveslives: Errands to run today? Take the Dulles Greenway and you'll help support 7 wonderful Loudoun County charities! Tolls today…
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RT @LoudounHunger: Grab your coffee and help your community today! @GreenwayRt267 @LFCsaveslives @ECHOLeesburg @lcsjlaws @loudounwildlife @…
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Make sure you drive through the @WTOP @WTOPtraffic toll booth for #DriveforCharity Today! https://t.co/J3Rp7Ez0Rh
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RT @LFCsaveslives: Rush hour is ON! Grab your coffee and hit the Dulles Greenway for the Drive for Charity - today only! Tolls collected to…
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RT @LFCsaveslives: The Drive for Charity is ON! All you need to do is drive the Dulles Greenway anytime on your commute today, Thursday May…
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Thank you @WTOP @WTOPtraffic for sponsoring our event. We got the #1 radio station all over the Greenway #VaTraffic https://t.co/vWZMpFXi8P
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ICYMI: help drive hunger out of #LoCo when you drive the Dulles Greenway tomorrow @LoudounHunger https://t.co/vk4w8MLamp
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Driving the Greenway

The Dulles Greenway is a privately owned 14-mile toll road that connects Washington Dulles International Airport with Leesburg, Virginia. The Greenway is a leading example of the current trend towards the privatization of public facilities. The Greenway demonstrates how the public and private sectors can join together to supplement the existing transportation infrastructure without raising taxes. This project represents a new paradigm for cooperation between the public and private sectors for resolving infrastructure issues.

Don't Stress... Just Drive.

I greatly appreciate the fact that the Dulles Greenway exists. It is expensive, yes, but it makes my commute from Bluemont to Tysons something I can tolerate vs. trying to navigate Leesburg Pike or back roads. The money spent is worth it when I can go 65 miles/hour with no lights!


I drive the Greenway to/from work twice a day, or eight times a week usually, and sometimes for errands during the weekend. Not only does the drive save me time but the Greenway is the most well maintained road in my region of Northern Virginia, saving wear and tear on my car.

A. Ortiz

I just wanted to send along some kudos to you for the efforts to keep the road clear during bad weather. It’s reassuring to see the road being treated and maintained, doing your best to keep it open when the weather is anything but friendly skies.


I am always happy to take the greenway to work. If inclement weather hits the trucks are out clearing and salting the road. I plan to keep taking the green way as long as I need to commute from WV to Virginia.

Mike Moore

The greenway is always consistent. I know that if I’m running a little late in the morning that I can hop on the road and be to work in just a few minutes! I am always impressed with the cleanliness of the road when it comes to the harsh weather.

Erin Randall
Centreville, VA

The Greenway provides me a convenient means to travel to and from work. The toll road is easy to use and the toll gates are convenient with the use of the EZPass. I also appreciate the refund for frequent travelers.

Berryville, VA
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