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The Dulles Greenway made a commitment to Loudoun County’s welfare and the education of its youth when it first opened in 1995. Since that time, we have contributed significant funding for local youth sports teams, elementary school fundraisers, and high school graduation events.

In 2000, we established the annual Dulles Greenway Citizenship Award, a scholarship program that acknowledges Loudoun high school students who consistently reflect excellence in character and demonstrate community leadership. During the last 12 years, we have provided scholarships for 101 exceptional student leaders, including at least one from every Loudoun County high school.

In 2006, we expanded our support of the community with our annual Drive For Charity event.  Once a year, the Drive For Charity contributes tolls collected on that day to local Loudoun charities and the winners of the Dulles Greenway Citizenship Award. That day has become the busiest day of the year on the Greenway. The Dulles Greenway proudly donated $236,354.87 in 2011 for a grand total of $1,266,810.75 over six years!

In 2012, the Drive For Charity is Thursday, May 17th! Again, we will divide the revenues from the Drive for Charity between the twelve recipients of the Dulles Greenway Citizenship Award and the following five charities:

  • The March of Dimes (National Capital Area)
  • Every Citizen Has Opportunities (ECHO)
  • Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter (LAWS)
  • FreshAir/Full Care
  • Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy

Helping Hands V2

A five-part series that focused on “Drive For Charity”, which directly benefits five local non-profit organizations.  Each part in the series highlights the good works done by one of the five charities.

>>For ECHOworks, the Greenway Means Go<<

>>LAWS Acclerates Social Services With Greenway Help<<

>>A Breath of Fresh Air, Courtesy of the Dulles Greenway<<

>>Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy shows Greenway way to be Green<<

>>Greenway helps March of Dimes put kids on road to health<<

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The Dulles Greenway is saving drivers time on their daily commute and with our VIP Miles Frequent Rider Program, they are earning cash back as well!  During the 1st quarter of 2012, VIP members received $191,203.04 in refund checks.

VIP members can qualify for cash back by making 180 trips on the Greenway within a 12 month period, an average of 15 trips per month.  Cash back earnings are based on 5% of the toll expense.  The more trips a member makes the larger the cash back potential.Becoming a VIP member is free and new members receive an additional 15 bonus trips when they enroll online at  To earn cash back through the VIP Miles Frequent Rider Program a Virginia E-ZPass account is necessary to track trips on the Greenway.

Saving time, saving money, and living better–it is all yours with the VIP Miles Frequent Rider Program and the Dulles Greenway.

We Have Eaglets

By Nicole Hamilton

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy

On Sunday, Donna Quinn and I decided to go for a visit over the Bald Eagle nest at the Dulles Greenway Wetlands Mitigation.

By our calculations, the eggs should be hatching and we just had to go see.

Well, we were not disappointed.  As we pulled out the spotting scope and walked towards a break in the trees where we could get a clear shot of the nest, we noticed that no one was sitting on the nest.  That was clue number 1.

Clue #2 that something was up… one of the adults was standing guard over the nest, a few branches away.

But things can happen, and nests can fail, so while we hoped that the two clues seen so far meant babies, neither of us said a word.

Instead, we got the scope into position and peered in through the eyepiece, seemingly trying to reach with our eyes to try to move this branch or that so we could see what was inside.

Then it happened…a little head popped up and bobbled around!  It must be a pretty young nestling as it seemed to bob its head up and down a bit and perhaps take rests since it would just pop up once in a while.

The sun have was a bit much so my photos are not that great.  In fact, they’re sort of likd the old “loc ness monster” photos from the 70′s…you can kind of make out the shape but it’s a bit blurry.  In coming days we’ll get more (better) photos.

For now, see a larger version of the photo here on our Facebook page.  You can see it has its mouth open, no doubt waiting for lunch to arrive!  We also hope to see more little bobbing eaglet heads over the next few days.  In the past, this pair has raised 2-3 eaglets and this year will hopefully follow in that tradition.


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