Drive For Charity


The 2015 Drive for Charity is:










Since the toll road opened in 1995, the Dulles Greenway and its parent company Toll Road Investors Partnership II, L.P. (TRIP II) have a long-standing commitment to Loudoun County welfare. As a long-time business partner with the County and its residents, it vitally important to the Dulles Greenway to support local charities and impact lives for the better.


The Dulles Greenway has always provided funding for local youth sports teams, elementary school fundraisers, and high school graduation events. In 2006, the Dulles Greenway had a desire to expand its support of the community even beyond these levels and it created their annual Drive For Charity.


Drive for Charity is a day each year in which tolls collected on the Greenway are dedicated to local Loudoun charities and is very often the busiest day of the year on the roadway. The Dulles Greenway is proud to have contributed $298,885 in 2015 and $2,390,790.32 over the last ten years!


In 2015, the Drive for Charity is Thursday May 21st and we are working with the following six charities and the Dulles Greenway Scholarship program to share in the distribution of the Drive for Charity one-day revenues:


The March of Dimes (National Capital Area chapter)
Every Citizen Has Opportunities (ECHO)
Loudoun Abused Womena's Shelter (LAWS)
FreshAir/Full Care
Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy

Loudoun Free Clinic
Dulles Greenway Citizenship Award






Education is a foundation for the future and the Dulles Greenway has long recognized the up and coming shining stars in Loudoun County. In 2000, we established the annual Dulles Greenway Citizenship Award, a scholarship to assist graduating seniors from Loudoun public high schools.


The Dulles Greenway Citizenship Award was designed to commend and reward those students who consistently reflect excellence in character and who have demonstrated their leadership skills by making a positive contribution to the community. We are proud to have provided scholarships for 138 Loudoun County Students, with at least one student from each of the County twelve High Schools.  The Dulles Greenway will continue to work with Loudoun County schools and support the future of education.



With Greenway ‘Drive for Charity’ funding, here’s how this year’s recipients have benefited:


March of Dimes, the funding from the Dulles Greenway Drive for Charity is used to partially fund the NICU Family Support project at Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children which provides information and comfort to families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Funds provide a part-time NICU Family Support Specialist to oversee activities for 1,200 families each year such as patient care kits, parent educational classes, and staff training. Over 5,000 families have been touched by the work of March of Dimes through the generous funding from the Dulles Greenway.


ECHOWorks, a Loudoun based organization that finds jobs and provides transportation for people with disabilities plans to purchase 5 12-passenger vans with the funds that they received from the Drive For Charity Event this year.  ECHO is one of only a handful of providers in Virginia which has its own fleet of vehicles to provide daily transportation to their workforce. As a result, Echo is removing one of the significant barriers to employment for people with disabilities. The vans run approximately 245 days per year and provide 4,900 trips per year for passengers. Trips that may not have been possible without the “Greenway Vans”.


Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter (LAWS) provides crisis intervention, support and advocacy for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse in Loudoun County.  Additionally, LAWS works with middle and high school aged youth to promote healthy relationships and reduce incidents of dating violence.  The donation from the 2010 Drive for Charity will be used to support the Loudoun Child Advocacy Center, a child-friendly setting for children who are victims of abuse to talk about what happened to them.  Chlidren and their non-offending care-givers also receive appropriate help and referrals to assist them in dealing with very difficult situations.


FreshAir/Full Care, a Loudoun based all volunteer charity, which will use the funds from the Drive For Charity Event to assist low income working parents to pay for the cost of summer Camp for their children. This provides the children with a safe and enriching experience through the summer months. This year 100 children have been approved for various camps throughout Loudoun County.


Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, this critical funding helps us provide free educational programs and nature field trips, citizen science programs, habitat restoration projects and more to the community.  Funds are helping us expand youth and family programs from 70 children touched in 2014 to hundreds engaged this year. This allows us to continue our Monarch campaign as this pollinator is being considered as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.  Drive for Charity money allows us to give milkweed to teachers and schools planting Monarch way stations.  And, with the help of girl scouts, it helped fund two large Monarch waystations with over 3,000 milkweed and nectar plants.  The funds continue to pollinate our Audubon at Home program and Plant Nova Natives.


Loudoun Free Clinic, offers expert medical care and something that cannot be measured--caring support and a community to which our patients can turn.  The clinic will be using the funding collected during the Drive for Charity to increase patient services for current patients and patients waiting for medical care.  For every $1 donated, $8 in care is given to our patients.


Dulles Greenway Citizenship Award was able to expand its program to ensure long-term funding. The Citizenship Award was established in 2000, awarding its first scholarship funds in the spring of 2001. Since that time more than 138 students have received scholarships for college. In 2015, the program awarded $1,500 scholarships to 14 students from public high schools in Loudoun County.